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Facade Construction

Professional advice and evaluation of facades and roof structures.


Planning and Advice


Invitation to Tender and Specification of Services


Expert Opinion

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Planning and Advice

  • Timely detection of construction defects, construction errors and uncontrolled budget overruns.


  • Avoidance of cost shifts to the operating and running costs.


  • Independent product and material evaluation.


  • Quality control, invoice control of the subcontractors as well as the evaluation of supplementary, excess and underperformance.


  • Support in choosing the right facade construction company.


  • Control of the interfaces to the other trades such as building services, electronical installation protection, building connections, tinsmiths roofing, etc.


  • Creation of EU-compliant tenders according to threshold values
  • Company and specialist general contract and delivery conditions


  • General guidance detail Creation of the relevant constructions


  • Functional tender


  • Standard-compliant VOB tender

Expert Opinion

  • Technical due diligence

  • Assessment bases and assessment criteria for inventories

  • Expert opinion for defects

  • Development of renovation concepts

  • Assessment and summary of the test results

  • Cost assessments

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