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Independent Advice For Your Home

Your houshold, your own four walls, with and without a garden, the heartfelt desire of many people.

Just how do you realize it? What does this cost? And how to organize the implementation with high quality requirements.

Due to decades of experience in the construction industry, especially in the field of building technology (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitation), in facade construction with all associated, different facades, roof and glass constructions as well as my passion for building and the acquired know-how in complete residential building, my passion unfolds a vocation, the cross-trade advisory activity for private customers.



As an independent building consultant - I fully committed to your interests.
With my well-founded specialist knowledge, I help ensure that your construction project meets the budget, deadline and quality requirements and that you will enjoy it for a long time.



Image by Harprit Bola


Areas and Services

Regardless of whether it is a conversion, extension or new construction, the requirements in residential building are difficult to overlook for the builder due to the large number of different trades, the different building regulations in each federal state, the qualitative differences in the execution and ultimately the construction costs.

I would happily advise you in these areas

  • Shell construction

  • Roof structures with all coverings

  • Windows / doors glazing

  • Heating systems, sanitary systems and living space ventilation

  • Interior construction with lightweight construction

  • Parquet and tile floors

  • Baths and saunas

  • Electric conventional BUS systems and PV systems

  • Facades with insulation and various types of cladding

  • Swimming pools, ponds, streams in the garden and irrigation systems

  • Gardens with sidewalks, stone walls, fences, fountains

  • Canopies and carports

  • Terraces and loggias with wooden roofing, tiles or natural stone covering

I therefore see my area of responsibility in the following areas:

1. Construction schedule with basic dates


2. Detailed cost estimate with the expected construction costs


3. Creation of short tenders as required, obtaining offers and evaluations with price comparisons 


4. Assisting in contract negotiation, customer orders, with the associated company and the client.


5. Determination of defects on the construction site and help with rectification


6. Evaluation of supplementary services


7. Necessary correspondence and meetings as required


8. Invoice checks and settlements with the commissioned companies and builders.


9. Reliable specialists in the field of statics, property measurement, building physics, energy certificates, architectural design and executing trades, can be recommended on customer requirements.



* New construction building in Vienna 14 Completion 2020


280 m2 living space, 4-storey new building, cellar made of sealed concrete, upper storey prefabricated house with wooden frame walls, wooden facades and full thermal insulation facades, sewer lifting system in the basement, electrical BUS system, photovoltaic, controlled living space ventilation and heat pump system.

* Increase and expansion of an EVH in Hainburg / Donau Completion 2018


185 m2 of usable living space, heightening of an existing, inhabited single-family house, open staircase as a steel construction, terrace construction with tropical wood covering FSC

* General renovation of an residential complex  in Bruck / Leitha Completion 2016


510 m2 of usable living space, 4-storey building with a basement, loft extension, pent roof construction using heavy steel construction, new staircase system, district heating supply and building drainage .

* New residential complex in Hainburg / Donau Completion 2019


41 privately financed properties in 2 parts, between 60 and 130 m2 of living space, with loggias, terraces and private gardens.

3-storey new building with penthouses in the attic, made of 25 cm hollow brick, full thermal insulation facade, flat roof construction and parking garages in the seller.

* General renovation of an buidling after collapsing in Kaisersteinbruch Completion 2018


240 m2 of usable living space, 2-storey building on a hillside after settlement / landslide and lifting and securing of  broken concrete slab and then complete refurbishment of the building, and soil expertise, subsequent injection technology with synthetic resin.

* Building of new organic farm in Rohrau, completion 2014


275 m2 living space, 2-storey building made of 50 cm hollow bricks, curved flat roof construction with spelt straw insulation and extensive greening, biotope swimming pool with regeneration area and solar heating, electrical BUS system, controlled living space ventilation with underground pipes.

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